Oshawa Autofest Nationals 2018

Usually its mid Sunday afternoon when we show up so there’s a decided lack of huge numbers of vehicles. well this year we showed up at about quarter to 11 on Saturday morning….There were SOOOO many vehicles!! we spent about 3 hours there, in quite a bit of humid heat, and it still wasn’t enough to photograph even half the vehicles! I still ended the day with 167 photos to post here. I might set up as a vendor next year under my new business name(which will be announced later this year). Enjoy folks!

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Wheels on the bay 2018

July 28th, 2018

This is a car show I’ve known about since it’s humble beginning at Millennium Park in Trenton, yet not been able get to for one reason or another. So I dragged the hubby to go visit my parents and finally check it out. I was not disappointed! I love the paint job on a couple of the vehicles but REALLY loved the Halloween vibe of that van ❤️❤️❤️

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Wings and Wheels 2018

July 15th, 2018. Trenton Air base. Air Force Museum.

It was absurdly hot. I have heard of this show but haven’t had a chance to go previously. It is such a cool combination of road vehicles and flying ones! There won’t be cars among the planes but it’s definitely still something to check out the Museum!

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Peterborough Mercedes Father’s day classic and exotics show

June 17th 2018

It was a hot day but it was also full of hot cars ❤️❤️

Living in a small town I don’t get to see exotics very often…I was so thankful for this opportunity! looking for to next year for sure!

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