True love

**Sappy personal story warning**

So I was trying to get caught up on some photos from our weekend get away to Gananoque and Rockport. I had set up my ‘office’ backed against a small cliff above Lake Ontario and got comfy. I had started doing some work when this couple walked by. I have no clue who they are. I don’t know their story. They could have been high school sweet hearts or both widowed and have found each other in the past few years. They could have kids and grandchildren and even several great grandkids or they may have decided they only needed each other. I don’t know anything about them but they held hands the whole time they were in my sight.


It got me thinking about how blessed I am to have found my hubby.

I had been doing the online dating things for almost 2 years. Mostly E-harmony and plenty of fish. I found both sites had very little in the way of actually appropriate possibilities, for me any ways. I’d paid for a year of E-harmony and gotten a few dates out of it but nothing really worth my time. So I let it lapse but still checked it once in a while. I was really starting to lose faith that I would find my prince charming using virtual methods, I’ve never really been a bar/club type person so I was starting to get ready to call it quits and become a nun.

My now husband had joined as his mom was suggesting it. he’d been on the site less than a couple months but it had been enough for him to pop up in my matches.

He had everything I was looking for, The biggest bonus was that even though he is 26 days younger than me he’s got maturity far beyond his years(which is hard to find, even in people who are much older).

So I messaged him. and then we took it to e-mail. I had some rules I put on myself for this online dating experience, including chatting through e-mail for at least a week before even meeting. I wanted something serious and if you can’t have a conversation online, how do you expect to have one in person? I didn’t have to worry. for once I was talking to a guy who didn’t push for that first meeting in the first e-mail.

although after about a month and a half he seemed to be backing off. Well thankfully I had a friend make me push for that first meeting. I was glad I did. So we had our first meeting at a timmies around the corner from his house.

I went so well that we didn’t hesitate to set up an actual date. I had originally told him he could plan it but I have a habit of trying to control stuff(too many times things have fallen apart so I take initiative to try to make things run smoothly)

I ended up planning it. My original plan was outdoor mini putt, lunch, and because the forecast was calling for rain-dancing in the rain using my truck as the stereo. well the golf place looked packed and I’m not a fan of crowds so we skipped that. We had lunch at Wendy’s. Then we went to a park and walked around. I’d had him bring an extra pair of shoes and he was game. I’d seen lists of ‘date ideas’ and this was on one of them.


The rain that had been forecast started pouring down. I didn’t have to try to hard to convince him to dance with me in the rain. I don’t think he knew but I fell for him that day.


So I actually did let him plan our second date. He didn’t disappoint. He took me to the Pickering flea market(I had never been but had heard about it), followed by a trip to the Pickering Town Center. I got to have my ‘Timothy’s world coffee’ Hot chocolate(seriously my absolute FAVE hot chocolate ever and wish there was one closer!). Just when I thought an already great day couldn’t get better…He had one surprise for me and took me to the Port Hope cruisers night. He knew I’m a vehicle girl and I love my classics.

He used my cam and got this pic of me that night.


A couple months later we took our first trip as a couple. We spent a weekend in Niagara Falls. He hadn’t been in a while and I had never been. We packed SO much into that trip(I think I will blog about that another time 🙂 )

Things were just flowing so smoothly. Both of us had come from rough relationships(both had jealous, controlling, angry exes), so I think that allowed us to know what kind of people we DIDN’T want to be. We didn’t have arguments and we just seemed perfect for each other.

So for our first Christmas together…He got us tickets to see the Bruins play Ottawa! I was ecstatic! I have ALWAYS been a Bruins fan but had never seen a game live. I’m not a fan of crowds so that was a little worrying but it turned out to be amazing. He also got us matching Bruins hats! (He prefers football, I prefer hockey. So his Packers are my team and my Bruins became his)


Things were going so great. I’d experienced things I hadn’t before and I got to go places I had never been…and I got to do it all with someone that I loved and was completely my best friend.

So then comes May(2016). A hair over a year after we starting communicating. My dad ended up in hospital. Which to this day we still don’t know what caused it. The following weekend once my dad was out, my hubby took him out for coffee. I knew what it was about so I started getting butterflies, knowing it was close. He had been raised not to ask his future father-in-laws permission but for his blessing. Some people disagree with it but I love it. I see it as a sign of respect to my parents(especially dad and being daddy’s little girl…that’s huge for me).

Well the next morning Ryan said he wanted to try to find a geocache at love locks in Cobourg(if you’re looking for a bit of adventure and have gps…certainly check out Geocaching!). We had checked a few times before but I was like ‘sure’. we get there and there are quite a few people around. The whole point of geocaching is that it’s supposed be done stealthily. So I looked for a couple of minutes and then told him we should go, he was playing on his phone and said just try a little longer. so then I came across this one. He almost laughed at the look on my face because it didn’t have a last name or his name or anything. I looked back down at it then when I looked at him again he had a ring and was on one knee. We took it with us to keep in a shadow box. So hint to all guys out there reading this(I don’t expect it to be too many lol) it’s awesome if you can find a way to give her a momento of that moment ❤


So next comes engagement pics! We first had his sister take some(she’s also a photographer <3)

We ended up with a second engagement shoot because it came with our wedding package. and boy was it hard picking a wedding photog!

First come engagement pics, then comes the wedding! We had two vehicles to take photos with. the classic is a friend’s 1968 Ford Thunderbird. It’s an uncommon one with the rear suicide doors. The other is a newer Mustang. It killed me as a Chevy girl to not have been able to hook up a Chev but both vehicles are owned by people close to us so I was ok with it lol


It has been one crazy ride and I couldn’t be happier with finally having found my soul mate. Hope you all enjoyed this peek into the past couple years of my life. I will be blogging our Gananoque get away next time. Have a great day all 🙂

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