July and August randomness!

Taking a small break from car posts for a bit…also haven’t quite gotten around to finishing the photos I took at Autofest(culled down to about 170-ish so far lol)

Happy 2017!

so obviously haven’t posted in a while. I think I’ll be posting more often now. I will catch up on that ’30 day challenge’ post(I truly thought I had) but first, some wedding stuff! So most of last year was fairly useless for wedding planning. It’s surprisingly hard planning one! everything from location to the […]

Time well spent

We took my parents with us to do some Geocaching around Madoc almost 2 weeks ago.We got snow that day, then last week was SO gorgeous! If you’re ever in the area, go check out O’hara Mill conservation area. Such a lovely place. I’d been there several times before and it STILL surprised me that […]