Cruise night Sept 2

I won’t be posting many more of these. Cruise night season finishes up the end of the month. I’m still working away on photos from Oshawa Autofest, so I hope to have those done in the next week or so(this balancing a day job and a life isn’t always that easy lol)

This coming weekend will be the second attempt at starting our backyard tours. We will be taking in a 1000 Islands lunch cruise ❤ I made sure it wasn’t on a holiday weekend this time lol

So Enjoy. You will also notice a couple of living critters…they are what I call the mascots of the week lol The Orange Chevy truck was the ‘Car of the week’ 🙂

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July and August randomness!

Taking a small break from car posts for a bit…also haven’t quite gotten around to finishing the photos I took at Autofest(culled down to about 170-ish so far lol)

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Cruise night Aug 19th

Yes, this is a lot later than I’d hoped. I was working on my own wedding photos(the photographer graciously let me have the RAWs so I could edit to my tastes <3) and then suddenly it’s Friday night!

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Cruise Night, August 12th

I am one of the official sponsors of the Port Hope cruise nights. I have always loved classic cars and of course photography so it just seemed like a match made in heaven ❤

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Backyard tours

So I’m a married woman now. I couldn’t be happier! On our way back into Ontario from our honeymoon(of which I’m planning blog posts <3) My new hubby asked where our next trip would lead us. I was reminded of something he had mentioned to a cashier on the east coast during our week long road trip to Nova Scotia and back. Niagara Falls had come up and Ryan had said that even though it’s pretty much in our backyard we’d only been once.

So came my suggestion. Why not road trip around Ontario? explore our backyard. So we together picked about 10 locations. Some are places we’ve been to, others we want to see for the first time. We also decided that instead of trying to squeeze it all into one week we are dividing them up into smaller weekend excursions. So this weekend we are going to do our first backyard road trip.

I have not told Ryan yet where we are going but he may have guessed. I plan on blogging these cool places around Ontario and any little spots we find along the way. So expect another post in the next week or so.


Hope you all have a great weekend and can’t wait to start sharing how great this province is 🙂


Happy 2017!

so obviously haven’t posted in a while. I think I’ll be posting more often now. I will catch up on that ’30 day challenge’ post(I truly thought I had) but first, some wedding stuff!

So most of last year was fairly useless for wedding planning. It’s surprisingly hard planning one! everything from location to the guest list. As there is plenty of time to delve into everything I will try to keep it to one topic per post 🙂

This one I’ll ramble about location. So I had spent many hours searching for a place that wasn’t priced too crazy. We are trying to minimize costs so, while there are SO many gorgeous places(that are totally worth the higher price tag), they were out of the question for us. Around Christmas time I had resigned myself to the fact we were likely to have it in my in-laws backyard. while it’s a gorgeous yard it just wasn’t really what I wanted.

In early January I started one last effort to find a nice location. I knew it wouldn’t need to be a big place as we are only having immediate family. Our guest list is 11 including ourselves. I’d known about this small place on a river for so long. I grew up fishing and swimming in the area. I had discounted this place when I first started searching for a location because they didn’t have at least a base price listed on the website. So I messaged them. The price was surprisingly in our budget, for the space and food. As a picky eater the food was important too.


I will likely post pics before the wedding, just excited that I can finally start planning at a location and things are definitely moving now!


Have a great week everyone!